The History of Chiropractic Treatment

From as early as old Greece we can see people studying the structure of the human spine. But what took it from those early days to now? Here is a summarised history of the Chiropractic Treatment.

Here’s where it all started

Daniel David Palmer is the person that started it all. His patient was a janitor that worked in his building named Henry Lillard. Lillard mentioned to Palmer how once when he bent over he heard a pop from his back and had lost his hearing. Palmer was knowledgeable in anatomy since he practiced magnet therapy.

After hearing Lillard’s plight, Palmer was convinced that the two incidents were related. Palmer was consumed by his fascination of how much the spine affected the rest of the body. He examined Lillard’s spine and found an issue with one of his vertebras. Once Palmer found the issue he adjusted the spine and miraculously Lillard could hear again! That treatment is now commonly known as spine adjustment.

The present state of chiropractors

Now by 2018 the profession of Chiropractic is an ever growing one. Ever since that day there has been a lot of development in the area of bone readjustment. There is even an entire field for them to study to become practitioners. The increase is due to people realizing the benefits of opting for chiropractic treatments and how cost effective they were. This is why so many chiropractic clinics have opened up. If you want to find one near you can easily just look up chiropractor Coventry, and you will find one incredibly close to you.

When to go to a chiropractor

When you need to go see a chiropractor Coventry is the area is to look for. In specific having back aches, headaches more specifically migraines, or when your body feels tense and stiff. Chiropractic treatments involve adjusting your spine and muscles which gives you flexibility and good posture is also one thing you can achieve from it. But the main purposes are to target pressure points to alleviate stress at those points